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Become a Cutters-star

Cutters is Scandinavias fastest growing hairdresser-concept! We are now expanding in Sweden and Denmark.  

Vi are always looking for star-hairdressers to join our Cutters-family. We invest in our employees and want them to develop both as a hairdresser and in costumer service. We offer great career-opportunities internationally.

We are looking forward to receiving your application to Cutters!

Under the "connect"-button you can register to get a Cutters-profile. You will then automatically be notified when we post new job advertisements. 

Corious? Watch  the movie below to see how everyday life of a Cutters-star is!


Working at Cutters

At Cutters we always want you to develop as a hairdresser. We have our own Cutters-courses both in Norway and in-salon in Sweden to help you reach your potential. 

Looking for a new Challenge? At Cutters you will develop by cutting different ages, genders and types of hair. We are always looking for new techniques to make great haircuts and believe that everyone can always learn more both about the profession and how we work with costumer service and consultation. 

We believe that a great team make great haircuts and happy costumers. Therefore it's important for us that you are able to do activities with your colleagues and courses in your own. Vi share knowledge about how we can improve ourselves and each other and want to support you the best we can to create a great work experience in our salons. 

Why should you apply?

What's great about Cutters?

  • Career-opportunities

    Cutters is fast-growing in several countries! You Will get the opportunity to be a part of an amazing journey with International career-opportunities.

  • As a Cutters-employee you will be recognized and develop as a hairdresser

    We have a development-program for all employees. At Cutters you will be recognized and taken care of. We have a Cutters-academy in Norway, and this is also under development in Sweden!

  • Good control of operations and inviting salons

    It's important that you feel safe and comfortable at your workplace, and also that the costumer gets a great experienced with welcoming salons and employees.

Bredgränd 6
753 20 Uppsala Vägbeskrivning emelie.loxvi@cutters.se +46735134551 Se sida


Barstølveien 29-35
4636 Kristiansand Vägbeskrivning 22173500 Se sida


Vetrlidsallmenningen 6
5014 Bergen Vägbeskrivning bergen_49_cutters_demo@example.com 22173500 Se sida


Bergen Vägbeskrivning Se sida


Bergensveien 2
0693 Oslo Vägbeskrivning 22173500 Se sida


8006 Bodø Vägbeskrivning Se sida


Bogstadveien 20
0355 Oslo Vägbeskrivning Se sida


Fredrikstad Vägbeskrivning Se sida


Edvard Munchs veg
2061 Gardermoen Vägbeskrivning 22173500 Se sida


Copenhagen Airport
2770 Kastrup Vägbeskrivning info@cutters.se 0102023445 Se sida

Kista Gallleria

Hanstavägen 55 F
164 53 Kista Vägbeskrivning info@cutters.no 072-015 5321 Se sida


Tollbodgata 14
4611 Kristiansand Vägbeskrivning 22173500 Se sida


Markens gate 35
4612 Kristiansand Vägbeskrivning 22173500 Se sida


Kristiansand Vägbeskrivning 22173500 Se sida


Lørenskog Vägbeskrivning Se sida


Dronningens gate 3-7
1530 Moss Vägbeskrivning 22173500 Se sida


Pilestredet 41
Oslo Vägbeskrivning Se sida


Sarpsborg Vägbeskrivning Se sida


Sognsveien 75
0840 Oslo Vägbeskrivning 22173500 Se sida


Stenersgaten 1
0050 Oslo Vägbeskrivning 22173500 Se sida


Stjørdal Vägbeskrivning Se sida


Storgata 33
0184 Oslo Vägbeskrivning Se sida

Storgata 33

Storgata 33
0184 Oslo Vägbeskrivning 22173500 Se sida


Stortingsgata 8
0161 Oslo Vägbeskrivning 22173500 Se sida


Strømmen Vägbeskrivning Se sida


Torggata 18
0181 Oslo Vägbeskrivning 22173500 Se sida


Beddingen 10
7042 Trondheim Vägbeskrivning info@cutters.no 22173500 Se sida


Trondheim Vägbeskrivning Se sida


Ålesund Vägbeskrivning Se sida

Jobbar du redan på Cutters Sverige?

Var med och rekrytera för att hitta din framtida kollega.

  • Adrian Ionita
  •  Aina Veggumsløkken
  • Andreas Kamøy
  • Anita Scharffenberg
  • Asta Gurauskaite
  • Bitten Anine Høyland
  • Edita Novikaite
  • Harald Aalvik
  • Josè Luis Rodriguez
  • Karoline Larsen

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